The Botanic Garden and Museum of Pisa joins the “Climate Change Alliance of Botanic Gardens”

Orto e Museo Botanico 8 November 2021

Climate Change is happening now. As a consequence, the issues our world faces are unprecedented and borderless.

The world’s botanic gardens are custodians of critically needed scientific knowledge, and their landscapes a source of inspiration, learning and a place for positive social change. The Climate Change Alliance of Botanic Gardens (Alliance) is an active network of botanic gardens around the world, with a focus on knowledge sharing and collaboration to address the profound challenges that climate change poses to our plants and all of us. It is estimated that in the next 50 years, 20-50% of plants in botanic gardens and urban landscapes will face temperatures never experienced before.

As to date, our Botanic Garden joins the Alliance, which is already populated by over 300 members from across the globe.

As institutions devoted to protecting plant diversity and ecosystems health, we can provide botanical and ecological expertise on facing climate change issues. Together we are a powerful voice for change!