Index Seminum

In the Garden are cultivated plants in danger of disappearance in Italy and in the world. Of these plants are collected the seeds that, after careful preparation, are stored in the “bank” of the Garden, in collaboration with the main European “seed banks”. The collections of seeds allow to conserve also the plants that will not be able to survive in the natural environments subjected to excessive anthropic pressure.

Index seminum

Number of seed lots sent to other institutions in 2021:



  • IPEN code: the code to be used in the request form
  • Material source:
    • W: seeds collected in the wild
    • G: seeds collected in the Botanic Garden. When the gathering was carried out
      elsewhere, the source institute is reported in round bracket
    • G(W): seeds from plants cultivated in the Botanic Garden but originally collected
      in the wild. The date refers to the seed collection made in the garden
  • Collection data: date and locality of collection
  • Additional information: further notes